A Night at Azumi Boutique Hotel.

A Night at Azumi Boutique Hotel.

It’s everyone’s favorite holiday season again, and this year, my wife and I decided that we will be spending our Christmas somewhere else aside from our house. We thought about going out of town but didn’t want the hassle of the long drive. What we wanted was a quick and convenient getaway, somewhere not too far, yet not too familiar. The solution was obviously a staycation.

Living on the North side of Metro Manila, going South was already conveniently foreign enough for a quick getaway. So I searched Good Ol’ Google for a place and stumbled upon Azumi Boutique Hotel. It’s small hotel in Alabang by the Filinvest district. The booking site offered a queen sized room for just about Php 3,+++ a night which included breakfast so we went ahead and booked a stay for Christmas eve.


Since it’s a boutique hotel, there’s no huge lobby with a grand staircase. The lobby is small, just enough for a reception desk and a lounge with a few couches. The lobby is design is modern.


The black walls are adorned with mementos reflecting different places and landmarks from allover the world. The theme gives a more casual and cozy atmosphere rather than being stiff and intimidating.



The room has a very pronounced rectangular dimension. From the door, looking straight is a complete full view of the edge to edge glass doors and windows to the balcony.


I like how the wood motif makes the room so cozy and homely.


The Queen room comes with a Queen sized bed and a mini bed that also doubles as a couch. TV and refrigerator are pretty standard, along with the sink and microwave.

The bathroom is just a little awkward though. It has a window by the shower area so you can clearly and openly see, (or watch) whoever is taking a shower, or even doing business. There’s a roll down blind which can cover the glass part of the wall, but it’s controlled from outside the bathroom.


This is particularly awkward since privacy controls are usually inside the bathrooms instead of outside. Also, when closed, there’s a tiny gap between the blinds and the walls. This tiny open spot may not be too bothersome as one can only see through this if done intentionally. But still, no one likes a “peek-able” bathroom. These would not be an issue to couples, but for friends and colleagues staying, this might just be seriously awkward.

The prices of the minibar are fair. This is swell as typical hotels would usually jack up the prices, but Azumi kept their prices just about convenience store levels.


This means guests can enjoy the minibar items and not have to walk outside just to avoid paying for an overpriced soda.


The pool area is located by the roof deck. The pool is narrowly stretched, spanning end to end of the building’s edges.


The greens are courtesy of the fake grass which is a good idea. Beside the pool are futon-like cushions good for lying around and sun bathing. Since the pool sits is by the edge, this gives a great infinity effect. There are no tall buildings close by so you could get a wide clear view of the Alabang cityscape.


The breakfast is nothing fantastic, but isn’t bad either.


It’s a really just a simple no-frills buffet just right to get you going for the morning. Nothing to complain or rave about here. Besides, breakfast always tastes good.


The Hallways & Elevators


I like how there are parts of the hallways that are open. The hallways can be a little tight but the openings create a sense of space. Also, it’s always good to have natural light and ventilation. Just to note though, the elevators are really slow as there are only two elevators that service the entire hotel.

Pocket Gardens


There are pockets gardens by the lower floors. These are open balconies with more of the fake grass. Just like in the pool, the grass may be fake, but it just works.

Parking Area


I’d also like to make a special mention about their parking area. Unlike most hotels I’ve been to where their parking spaces are normally shoved deep down in the basement, Azumi allots for podium parking. I’ve always hated going down deep basements which are usually poorly lit, hot, claustrophobic, and under-ventilated. Azumi’s podium parking is just none of that.


My wife and I really appreciated Azumi Boutique Hotel.  It’s reasonably priced, cozy, and convenient. Definitely enjoyed our Christmas here!




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